Thursday, June 16, 2016

It's Summer!

We are settling into a summer routine around here. Much to the kids' dismay, I created an even better brain mush prevention station this year:
Each kiddo has a dry erase board for all of the tasks they need to do each day. They owe us 30 minutes of reading, 20 minutes of math, 10 minutes of writing, 20 minutes of dance/ninja time, and a parent task (this week, it's been weeding, picking up and cleaning dog toys, helping with errands, you get the idea). It also has a block where we list any fun things or places we are going that day. As they complete the tasks, they put a check in the box. Once everything is checked, they can use this sticks in the boxes to the left for screen time. They get 90 minutes a day, but they can carry any remaining sticks over to the next day. So far, they are saving up for a few days and then having a veg out afternoon! It really seems to be working for us! Even the kids admit that they like it.

Issa is using her stretch band every day and doing some other exercises that Mrs. Lauren P/A suggested. Daddy and Evan also designed this super cool ninja training plan for Evan to do each day:
We are also squeezing in plenty of summer fun. Our first day off, we went out to lunch, and the kids explored the pollinator garden while we ate on the patio: 
 Monday, the kids and I headed to our museum! They had a new exhibit called Hide Away Woods, and we had a ball:
 It's a climber's paradise:
 The highlight for Issa, though, is her new do:
 With the summer away from competition, she decided she wanted a little mermaid color, and Miss Kelly was happy to oblige! I love that I have a picture of Miss Kelly giving Issa her first hair cut, and now she's giving her a first color! Issa was thrilled with the results:
She and I finished our girls' afternoon with mani/pedis, and her nails now match her hair. I love her spunky spirit! 

I would say we are off to a great start this summer! Here's to a few more weeks of summer fun!

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