Tuesday, June 14, 2016

And Now He's Officially Seven

Evan is now officially seven. All of the parties are finished, and I do believe he feels well celebrated. We had his last party while everyone was in town because your birthday can't be over until you have Nana Mac and she makes you a cake:
 Evan chose a Green Lantern theme this year, which proved to be no challenge for Nana:
 Please notice the French bull dog shirt that Aunt Shannon managed to find. She is a a clothing miracle worker.
 And he's very proud of his latest build:
Nana took Evan shopping for a Lego set for his birthday--just like she took Issa clothes shopping. He was one excited boy! I believe this is an AT-TE, but I keep getting the letters jumbled. I do know it's a Star Wars vehicle, and he has been playing with it since he finished building it.

I'm still having a hard time believing this sweet boy is seven. He brings so much laughter into our lives, and I love watching him grow. He's no longer my little guy. He is forever building or breaking something. I bought the biggest box of bandaids I could find for the summer, and I'm not even sure those will make it through June. But I do know I can't imagine our home without his sense of humor and wild imagination. Love you, little man.

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