Wednesday, August 31, 2016

And So It Begins

The hot glue gun has already surfaced for the first school project last night:
Yes, Issa decided to use an oven mitt to press the paper down on the cereal box. Not a terrible plan.

This girl. This girl suddenly grew up. She's no longer a little girl at all. The project is due September 14, but she looked at her calendar and set goals between then and now based on her schedule. She's probably one fourth finished after last night because she knows she won't work on it this weekend since family will be in town.

She also didn't need help. She wanted me to sit in the kitchen and be on call, and I did have to talk her off the ledge when she cut a piece of paper to the wrong size twice. But she didn't need help. She likes to talk through what she's doing, but she's really just processing her own thoughts. She's got this.

They say a good teacher makes herself progressively unnecessary, and that was always my goal in the classroom. I think it's even more true for parents, but it is so much harder in the role. I just pray she always asks me to sit at the table.

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