Tuesday, August 30, 2016


We had great first days of school!

Evan loves being a Worker this year! They get to wear construction hats to do their best thinking, and if the class has a great day they get to play Legos at the end of it. And his teacher is the "best story reader ever!" This is the best I could do for a day two picture:

Issa is loving fifth grade! She loves that her teacher treats them "like grown-ups" and that she has her first big project already. (I'm less thrilled about what feels like a project heavy year.) The project has got her thinking about her year, though, since it's autobiographical, and she's decided this shirt is her new motto:
In case you can't tell, those are sequins on the pants.

Tomorrow, we return to normal wardrobes. We are settling into routines. Life is good.

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