Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I'm Ready for my Mama

So...yesterday was a day.

I took the kids to the dentist, where I somehow managed to keep a straight face as a very serious dentist told me, "I'm afraid Evan is dentally delayed." For some reason, I always feel judged by dentists--weird hang up--and for a split second I thought I had forgotten to have him do his tooth homework or something. There is really nothing to be done but wait. His baby teeth are just very firmly rooted, which does mean his front teeth are getting a bit worn down because in theory they should be long gone by now. Nothing to worry about. But I did manage to nod very seriously. Issa also has a very tiny mouth and is supposed to use a child's toothbrush for the next forever. She is so excited.

Last night, around midnight I found out Brad's flight home was cancelled. Work is a mess for him right now, and I hate that he was stuck. They did give him a hotel and he is on his way home now, but it just sucks.

At 1:30, Evan came in with one of his trademark bloody noses. When the boy does something he does it big. I got that stopped and went back to bed.

A little before 5, Buddy threw up. Frog legs. Apparently he finally caught one as the evidence was unmistakable. I can't even.

Tomorrow morning, I get on a plane and Mom, Shannon, and I are meeting at Mom's. I can't wait. We're going through some things at the house, but I'm really ready for some girl time. And I'm ready for my mama. I'm just done adulting for a while.

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