Thursday, August 25, 2016

I Have Fun Kids

My kids make me laugh--a lot. They have been with me all week at work, and Evan has been especially full of one-liners.

Me: Evan, you may not eat a chicken leg in each hand. One at a time, dude.
Evan: Says the woman who I will not live with when I'm all grown up and eating a chicken leg in each hand.

Evan: I'm just packing up a hacky-sack.
Issa: You mean hobo sack. That's a hobo sack.
Evan: You say tomato. I say potato.

Me: Time to pack up!
Issa: All of the things or some of the things?
Me: I was thinking all of the things.
Evan: But are you requiring all the things?

At least they keep me laughing.

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