Tuesday, August 2, 2016

So Many Adventures

We had such a lovely weekend! Friday night, Issa and Evan stayed with Ryan and Felicia and Brad and I got to go see some Shakespeare in Park:
 We saw a 90 minute rendition of all three parts of Henry VI. I think I enjoyed it more than Brad, but we are both looking forward to going to see Richard when they do it this fall. Richard from this play will be reprising the role, and he stole the show.

Issa and I also canned our first fruit butter Saturday:
 It's a honey vanilla peach butter, and we have made two batches from our Produce Box peaches. It's a little ridiculous...and delicious.

The highlight, though, was Sunday evening:
 We headed to Raleigh to see a colleague's son play minor league baseball. We were cheering for the visitors, but we had amazing seats at field level between home and first. The Nationals won, and Max had a great game. He was also kind enough to sign his rookie card and baseballs for the kids after the game:
 As if that wasn't enough excitement, there were fireworks and then the kids go to run the bases:
Issa is the white t-shirt crossing home; Evan's light-up shoes give him away.

It was so very, very fun to end the weekend at the ballpark, and we all agreed we need to go back soon!

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