Monday, August 22, 2016

Thanks is Just Not Enough

This week begins our back to school transition. The first day is next week, but we will set alarms and the kids will come to work with me since my students are back. It's a nice transition to reality.

It comes after a week of crazy. My fall planning week always coincides with Issa's boot camp, and when you add Brad's very unpredictable work schedule it's a recipe for disaster. Thankfully, I married a brilliant man.

The weekend before the crazy, I flew up to Napoleon. My sister and I flew in for the weekend to help Mom do some sorting. We laughed and we cried, but mostly it was just good to be home. I took a bit of a break from adulting, which is always wonderful, and then Mom flew back with me.

Brad asked if she could come to be an extra set of hands/driver/sanity saver for the week. I truly have no idea how we would have made it without her. She fixed dinner and did laundry and took care of all of us. Two nights I realized I was just sitting at the table while she did dishes, and when I tried to change places with her the mama finger came out. It was a gift.

It's one of those gifts where thank you isn't nearly enough. It's also a gift I hope I can pay forward to my own kiddos someday.

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