Wednesday, October 5, 2016

On Hurricanes

Life feels like a bit of a hurricane right now as are watching Hurricane Matthew with not insignificant interest.

The actual hurricane we are ready for. We have our water and our pantry stocked. We are watching to see if we need to bring in the patio furniture. We are keeping weekend plans really flexible. We've got this.

It's the rest of the hurricane that is a bit more difficult. We were apparently in the eye of the storm the past couple of weeks with Brad's work, so life is really busy and interesting there again. Fall break starts tomorrow for me, which means last week and the first part of this one are insane. Add some really unpleasant decisions in my volunteer life, and I'm pretty much desperate for a rainbow.

All that said, after Friday some of the storms will definitely pass, and we are hopeful for some of the others. I think I might just be starting to see the break in the clouds...

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