Thursday, October 20, 2016

They Are Listening

I took the kids to get their flu shots yesterday. That was totally non-eventful. However, the drive there was a bit intense.

Out of the blue, Issa asked when I was going to vote. I told her my plan was to vote early to avoid the lines. And then all the questions started.

Kids are listening. We've had several conversation around the dinner table about this election, but I had no idea how much conversation was happening in the cafeteria. We cleared up some misconceptions. I explained the way I think about the world. They had good questions.

Issa had already put a lot of thought into this. She had already thought through what could or couldn't happen depending on who becomes president. She knew many of the promises being made couldn't actually happen. She understood the way the government works, and I'm a bit amazed at how nuanced her understanding of politics is. It's a little scary.

She then asked why kids couldn't vote. And then the kids had a hard time understanding why you are legally an adult and can vote at 18 but can't drink until 21. It doesn't make sense. And then Evan said this: "Grown ups just don't think through the rules."

Sometimes, buddy. I just hope we all remember that little ears are listening...

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