Monday, October 10, 2016

Safe and Dry

We had a lovely weekend hunkering down in the face of Hurricane Matthew. The rain started Friday and lasted all day Saturday. It really was impressive. The ditches were full and the little pond turned into a small lake. The kids had a blast in the biggest puddles they have ever seen, and we were pleasantly surprised by how calm the dogs stayed--at least relatively.

We did lose power for much of the day Saturday, and we did have to cancel our Saturday plans because of a downed tree and some flooding. But...we were very lucky. We had power before dark on Saturday. We were snug and dry. The introvert in me loved just hunkering down with my books and my knitting with zero guilt.

Today, we are back to work and school. We are also very fortunate. Neighboring school systems are still closed due to power outages and downed trees. The water is still rising in many places. Hurricane Matthew is far from over for many--including some students that I hold very dear. We are praying for a speedy return to normal, and we remain incredibly grateful.

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