Thursday, September 28, 2017

"One Day Without Incident"

Well...we are no longer drowning, but our little family does seem to still be a bit on the struggle bus. Lots of little quirks have popped up this week which have made the transition away from crazy a little bumpy. We still haven't clean cleaned, and the laundry is still mounding. We have discovered the bottom of the kitchen, though, so there's that!

Last night, Brad decided we needed to go out to dinner to celebrate all that is going right. It was a brilliant move. No dishes. No cooking. Just talking and laughing.

Over dinner, I wanted everyone to be proud of me because I passed on another volunteer opportunity, and Brad declared, "Huzzah! We need to get you one of those signs: 'One Day Without Incident." Instead of injuries, we will celebrate days without you volunteering for something!"

He was kidding, and we all were rolling with laughter, but it's true. And I'm trying. What I'm grateful for, though, is a family that supports my crazy schemes--especially a husband that is a real partner in this crazy life of ours. I can't imagine doing it without him.

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