Friday, September 21, 2018

A Very Happy Birthday

Right before all the crazy, our sweet girl turned 12. I don't know how that's even possible.

Every year, I do something in their doorframe for when they wake up. Since Issa is in love with fairy lights, I decided to make a light-up 12 for her! My idea was strong but muscles were not. Daddy came in for the save and helped form the numbers from hangers:
 She was quite tickled!

I supposed to travel to DC on her birthday for a conference, so we had promised we could do cake and presents in the morning. My travel was cancelled for the storm, but Issa would hear nothing of postponing cake and presents!

Daddy and I have her a subscription to Headbands of Hope:
 This organization is close to Issa's heart. She loves the idea of children in hospitals receiving headbands and scarves. She has donated headbands in the past, and she is thrilled to see the pictures arrive every month of kiddos smiling in their new gear--and she like wearing her own.

Evan stole the show, though:
 He adopted one of the Outer Banks dolphins in her name:
 Issa will be getting monthly update about Rainbow, and she loves knowing that the dolphin research will continue.

Evan lit the candles:
 And we all ate chocolate cake for breakfast:
 This kid:
 I don't have the words for how much I love the girl who made me a mother.

Further evidence that Issa has the coolest friends:
 Yep. The got her pegacorn footie pajamas. She wore them for her birthday dinner and second lighting of her candles. I really worry she will never come out of her shell:
 The pose everyone hits while being sung to:

This weekend we will celebrate with some friends, and then we will put a pin in a very fabulous twelvth birthday.

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