Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Birthday Celebrations Begin

This weekend officially kick-off the birthday celebrations for Issa! 

Aunt Shannon flew in to town Thursday night, and she and I enjoyed a sister day (even if we were working on our respective laptops) while everyone else was at school Friday. The kids enjoyed a slumber party with Nana and Aunt Shannon Friday, and then Saturday started the celebrating.

We all went to watch Evan at the dojo, and then we went to Maggiano's for a birthday lunch. Issa was all to thrilled to blow the candle out in her tiramisu. As soon as we finished, she and Aunt Shannon began the great birthday shopping trip. They covered the whole mall, and Issa thought she was pretty big stuff with all of her purchases--especially the shirt that Aunt Shannon bought one of, too! We all met them again for dinner, saw the fashion show, and then collapsed into bed. Of course, I took pictures of none of this.

I did take some pictures Sunday! We all went to church and brunch together before we tried our hand at homemade gummy bears:

They are not terrible. The second batch was much better! We reduced the juice, which gave them a stronger flavor. We all cooked dinner together, and then I got to hang out that night for some grown-up girl time before Shannon flew home yesterday.

Issa and Nana made their shopping trip yesterday, and Issa was over the moon that she got to keep her treasures. She was a smidge afraid she would have to wait until her actual birthday, but Nana is too nice for that.

Now we are all back to school and work after a perfectly perfect weekend.

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