Tuesday, September 11, 2018

We Are Ready

Well...it appears Hurricane Florence is on her way, and we are pretty much ready. We will move the patio furniture in tonight, but aside from that we are stocked, flashlights have been checked, and candles are in place.

Hog Day has been postponed from this weekend, and I am not going to DC for a conference as planned. We are hunkering down.

We've been in NC long enough that I have healthy relationships with hurricanes. I've been stalking my favorite weather sites, and we are pretty sure we are going to see something. I would be lying if I said I wasn't anxious, but I also know we are prepared as we can be and there is nothing indicating that we will need to evacuate.

So...we wait. It's a little surreal to be waiting on September 11. For the first time, Issa came home with an assignment about 9/11: she had to interview me about my memories of that day. What I remember most is the waiting. Sitting with Tay on our couch, unable to turn of the news. Waiting for the helicopters to land on the football field after security knocked on our door to tell us Wright Patt was evacuating them there. Waiting to see what would happen.

This is a very different kind of waiting for us, but I know it's not for those evacuating the coast. Please say an extra prayer for them and a little prayer to help us all turn off the news for a little while.

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