Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Weekend Happies

This weekend was so very much what we needed. The rest of the family spent Saturday at the dojo, which gave me a chance to catch up on the roughly six million things that needed doing around the house, but they came home in time for the kids and I to go to the farm.

The farm in the fall is my happy place.  The leaves are turning, the temperature is perfect, and animals are big enough to not escape. My back is still angry from moving 250 pumpkins for our pumpkin patch, but these moments right here make it all worth it:
 Issa loves visiting the farm rabbits:
 And even Evan asked me to take a picture:
 There is just something so lovely about snuggling a super soft rabbit in the crisp fall air after doing a ton of work. It soothes the soul.

To make matters even better, we kicked off the Carolina Ballet season Sunday:
I love these Sunday afternoons with two of my favorite people watching incredible dance. It was a lovely respite before this crazy week!

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