Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Our Ballerina's Dressing Room

I mentioned that we started a major overhaul of Issa's room this weekend, and last night we got it finished. It all started when the best daddy in the world got an idea:
(Yes, Evan is wearing the tops and bottoms from two different pajama sets. I can't answer any questions. He has on clothes so I've been rolling with this new nightly development.) Evan loves helping Daddy with projects.

We moved the bookcase and desk to create a study space in the corner:
 She actually took three trash bags of stuff out of this room to make this magic happen.

Squirmy has taken up residence on the high dresser:
 And her bed moved under the window:
 All so Daddy could make our ballerina her very own barre:
We still need to mount the mirror, but Daddy is a big believer in only drilling holes once and he wanted stronger hangers for it. The new arrangement leaves most of her floor wide open for dance practice, and she couldn't be more thrilled.

Tonight, we start Evan's room....

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