Tuesday, September 30, 2014

One For the Record Books

Well...this happened yesterday:
In case you are wondering, that's Issa's new reading log. Neela thought it was tasty. Poor Issa crumbled, "There is no way Ms. Alge is ever going to believe the dog really ate my homework!"

We decided to create a new reading log, and I wrote the following note:

Good morning,

We had a bit of a mishap at our house last night. Issa put her reading log on the table for me to sign. Unfortunately, our Great Dane puppy got to it before I did. Issa was quite certain you would never believe "the dog ate my homework," but in this case, it really is the truth. And we have now learned the puppy can reach the table.

We have recreated the reading log; I hope that is okay.



Just another day in our world, but I sometimes wonder if we are in fact "that family" in the teacher's lounge.

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