Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Angel Dog

We all made it through yesterday. By all accounts the kids had a good day at school, and I will be forever grateful for the fairly steady stream of emails from teachers in the building letting me know my kiddos were okay. One of my friends had put the word out, and every one was on watch and ready to hug. I sure do love our little school.

Issa was able to go to her happy place for a solo lesson, and I could watch her relax. Evan talked with Mr. Chris about his angel dog, Viv, who now watches over him from heaven just like she did on earth. Oh how I love that image.

And Neela, well Neela has a new mission. Viv loved raw hide bones, but she never actually chewed them. She was more of a raw hide hoarder. We now know how substantial the hoard was because Neela has made it her mission to retrieve them all. We were all in hysterics last night as she kept coming in with yet more rawhide. I thought at first she was just taking it in and out, but then we saw the piles inside.

Evan has decided Viv gave her permission to dig it up and told her where it all was. We do find it so funny that Neela never once touched it until yesterday, and now that pile is making her absurdly happy. Thanks, Viv.

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