Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Break Flashback

Last week, the kids and I spent another fabulous morning at our museum, but with all the hustle of break and Easter I never posted about it. This is especially tragic because they were both actually wanting to have their picture taken! So, a flashback....

Our trip started, as always, at the farmyard:
 The added attraction this time was that they have two new pygmy goats to visit! From there, we headed out to watch the birds. This was the first time we had made time to visit the bird glade, and I am so glad we did. We had gone so early that we were the only ones there, and the birds were busy. Even a little bunny hopped up to say hello.

Issa asked for a selfie:
 While Evan was elated that the boats are open for the season:
 After spending a long time watching the lemurs jump around like crazy critters, we got a huge surprise:
 The wolves are usually up at the top of their enclosure, but first the first time they were playing and running down low. They are such amazing animals.

While we were watching the bears, Evan shocked me with a selfie request:
 And then asked for a sibling photo:
 And then Issa became a bear:
 We ate lunch outside and finished with popsicles. The last stop was the dig pit:
 Issa is a shark tooth finding queen:
We left early afternoon with two tired kids and another morning of memories. I love that after all these years the kids still find something new and love going to our museum. It makes my heart happy.

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