Wednesday, April 8, 2015

It's Really Happening

Five years ago, around Brad and I's  eighth anniversary, we started talking about a second honeymoon for our tenth anniversary. We hadn't been on vacation just the two of since our honeymoon, so it seemed like a brilliant idea. Our tenth came and we had small children and I was finishing a doctorate and that was that. The date for the trip just kept moving forward.

After Christmas, Ryan and Felicia started talking about the four of us going on a week-long cruise, and we thought it was a brilliant idea! We even had some dates and cruises researched, but then the kids heard of this and they weren't too sure they wanted us gone that long, which made us not too sure we should be gone that long. To this point, we've only both left them overnight--like leave at dinner and back by brunch.

Last Tuesday, over many glasses of wine, it came up that I had never done anything big for my birthday. Somehow, that turned to us taking a three night cruise near my birthday. By the next day, Felicia had sent links.

The timing is perfect. It's the weekend after Issa's recital, and over Easter we asked Nana if she would mind staying a little longer so we could go. All parties were thrilled. The kids were totally fine with three nights.

By Monday night, we were booking cruises. Felicia found a great deal that was expiring that night, and after a flurry of texts and emails--many of which while Brad was on a flight--we had a plan. Brad landed, called Ryan from the airport, and they booked at the same time. Our rooms are side by side. As they're booking, Felicia and I are texting and I'm crying. It's really happening.

We have an ocean view room with a picture window, and as of last night, we have flights. After a whirlwind, we're ready! It's really happening, and I can't wait.

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