Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Issa has had a Claire's gift card burning a hole in her pocket, so we braved the mall Sunday so she could use it. You know what's worse than a child with $35 to spend at Claire's? Arriving to find they are having a buy two get one sale. I mentioned that she didn't need to spend the whole $35 in one day, but that was clearly crazy talk. So she shopped.

She found a hair bow that has every color in the rainbow, matching necklaces for she and I, a set of friendship bracelets for her friends, a locket, and these babies:
 Fake glasses:
She has worn them since Sunday as though they are real. She takes them off right before her head hits the pillow and put them on while she makes her bed. It's hysterical. I must say, though, she does look fabulous.

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