Monday, April 13, 2015

Pollen is the Devil

We are experiencing the annual dumping of the pollen around these parts. There is nothing quite so gross as a film of yellow covering everything--especially since it makes your throat itch and your eyes burn. It's the one aspect of the spring I could really do without.

This year it seems to be particularly awful as evidenced by the fact that it even attacked poor Viv.

Last Thursday, Felicia was saving me and getting the kids off the bus. Imagine my surprise when she called to say Viv had a bloody nose. I called my vet who ruled out everything awful and suggested it was the pollen. By that time, Viv's nose had stopped bleeding. We put her on Benedryl and went on our merry way.

Until 10:30 Thursday night. Viv's nose started all over again. And I had stupidly given her the aspirin for her arthritis that evening. I texted the vet to say she was bleeding again, and within moments she was on the phone with me. It took nearly at hour to get it all the way stopped because poor Viv just kept sneezing and starting it again. kitchen looked like a murder scene with all the blood spatter.

She had two more at 1:30 and 3:30, but then she was fine. Poor baby. We were all on pins and needles this weekend because Dr. Wilson said it could go on as long as 48 hours, but we seemed to have had the 12 hour version. I'll take it.

In conclusion: bleach is a good thing, Viv is a very sweet dog, and pollen is evil.

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