Thursday, April 9, 2015

Candy Cane Belt

Evan had a great night at ninjitsu. First, Mr. Brian and Mr. Justin were back from a training quest in Japan. Evan has missed them, and they came back with some really cool things to share with the kids. 

Then, Evan finally got his ninja back roll:
It's not perfect, but he went backwards instead of sideways so we'll take it. He has also become a much better blocker and striker. He might have knocked his training partner over. Mr. Brian was very impressed.

And then, Evan graduated to his candy cane belt--the last white belt:
He couldn't wait to go home and put the green and white belt on his rack. He is also very excited because the best Aunt Shannon ever sent some sketches of a new ninja room. He is clearly way too big for fish, and the idea of ninjas on his walls is almost more than he can handle.

Evan is clearly still loving being a ninja, and I am loving watching him grow. I am so thankful that both kiddos have found a place that challenges them to grow in all ways and where they feel at home. Now...if I could just not have to dodge shuriken in his bedroom.

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