Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Week With My Girl

So...I made a major minor error in January. Although I swear I signed the kids up for summer camp the same week, I apparently did not. It seems I signed Evan up for this week and Issa up for next week. Although I am mourning the loss of a quiet week with less minute by minute juggling, I am trying to embrace the idea of one on one time with each kiddo.

Yesterday, Issa and I went blueberry picking after we dropped Evan off at camp:
 We had such fun! It's a little family farm, and it is rural! We were able to pick next to a pond in the middle of the woods, although I openly admit the drive to the field was a bit nerve-wracking. I'm not a fan of steep dirt roads that lead to tiny wooden bridges over creeks. The view on the way out was so worth it, though:
 We parked and watched this mama and her fawn for about five minutes.

Issa made blueberry cupcakes all by herself when we got home:
They were delicious! Today, she is attempting to bake peanut butter cookies independently. If the two of us and the kitchen are still standing at the end of this it will be a miracle. She needs no help, but we have learned to read the whole recipe three times this morning. Pray for me.

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