Monday, July 25, 2016

So Many Happies

We are back to somewhat normal around here! Both kids are home this week, and we are settling back into our summer routine. We did enjoy last week, though!

Evan and I went blueberry picking:
 He decided to make a pie with his berries, and he did 90% of this himself:
 I just did the crust crimping and the E.

By the end of the week, though, I was done. Running two kids all over the place and trying to maximize one-on-one time while working full-time was leaving me pretty drained. Thankfully, Brad could see it. I mentioned I almost picked myself up a coloring book, and he ran out after dinner Friday and brought this home:
 It is so lovely.

Saturday, we had hair appointments and then headed to the mall. Both kids truly needed new tennis shoes, and Issa needed some new dress sandals. Since we were out, we also decided to pick up first day of school outfits (that will remain sworn to secrecy)! There were some great sales and cute stuff out. Issa also discovered American Eagle:
 We also spent most of the weekend cooking what Issa made at cooking camp. She made the best salsa I've ever had and really solid bean enchiladas. Everyone's favorite was the pasta purses, though, complete with homemade pasta:
 Sunday, we all enjoyed tea at the Carolina Inn:
 The food was incredible, but it was lovely to just sit and enjoy the time together. We made a rest of summer bucket list, and enjoyed feeling a bit fancy for a while.

We are also starting to get ready for the return of fall. Issa chose her agenda this weekend, and we spent last evening getting it all filled in:
I have to admit, I'm getting ready for a return to routines...and cooler weather...and pumpkin everything...

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