Friday, July 29, 2016


So...we woke up yesterday morning and discovered the house was a bit warmish. When we went to bed we thought the AC fan sounded off; when we woke up it was not running. Not good.

I was on the phone to our local AC guy by 8, and he was here by noon. The fan motor needed to be replaced, but the part wouldn't be available until this morning. We shut all the blinds, kept the lights off, and did as little as possible. For the bulk of the day, it wasn't terrible. The afternoon hung in right about 82 inside--not awful.

We went out to dinner, and I had it in my head that it would be cooler when we got back. It was not. We topped out at 86. Unfortunately, my brain stops functioning at about 85 apparently. I sort of lost it. My positive attitude wore out and I was super pouty. We thought about getting a hotel, but that seemed silly since it was cooling off. I also didn't want to leave the dogs to be alone over night. 

So...we had a family camp out downstairs:
 The tile stays really cold, and we piled sleeping bags and blankets to make it soft enough to sleep on. We brought down the fan we have, and I was yet again reminded why I married an engineer:
 He built a cooler AC unit. He filled the cooler with bags of ice, clipped a fan pointing down across the ice, and the cool air bounced back out. We centered it by our heads, and I can't believe how much cool air it put out.

We slept with the back door open, complete with classy fly tape, and left the windows open. I can't believe how well we slept:
The kids want to sleep down here again, but I will be quite happy to be back in my bed--with AC. Bless the sweet angels that are installing that part as I type.

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