Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Sideways Independence Day

Well...our Fourth of July was one of those holidays that went absolutely nothing like we had planned.

We had grand plans of setting out early to watch the local parade. But...Daddy stayed up way late and it was raining in the morning. We did make the traditional French puffs for breakfast, but then Issa and Evan settled in for some sibling bonding time while Daddy slept. 

By mid-morning, the rain had stopped, and we decided we would venture out to the town picnic. We ate some fabulous BBQ from a food truck while listening to some local musicians. Issa also got her first henna:
 The highlight was making a Fourth of July hat with the DAR:
I also very nearly became a wild animal foster parent. There is a really cool organization here in town that rehabilitates injured wildlife, and we were able to meet a few of the animals that can't be released back into the wild. I might have fallen in love with the little guys, especially a little squirrel. Then I remembered I need another critter in our house like I need a hole in the head. Maybe when I retire...

When it started to rain again, we went to check out a new local market, which was much fun, before we came back home. Thanks to another break in the rain, we were able to grill burgers and corn on the cob, which was fabulous!

We spent most of the afternoon going back and forth about fireworks. The forecast was changing every time we looked, and Evan finally admitted he didn't even really like fireworks. Although we had plans to go see them, our family of introverts ended up bailing on another crowd. We settled for watching our neighbors' little ones.

It wasn't the day of festivity we planned, but I think I was the only one who was even remotely disappointed. I guess sometimes a low-key holiday can be pretty lovely.

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