Friday, September 30, 2011

Patience and Grace

I babysat for a friend's nine-month-old little angel yesterday, and, while I loved the baby fix, it reaffirmed that I do not need a third. I do not miss that "life is a death trap" phase. We were crawling and pulling up and I was baby-proofing six inches ahead of her. She was a great snuggle bug, though, and I laughed until I cried watching her bear crawl and chase the cats. I do miss watching my two in those moments.

It was wonderful to watch my big girl with this little girl. Issa helped me after school, and I'm quite certain that was the highlight of June's day:
Issa very patiently offered her toys and played peek-a-boo until even June was tired of it:

Look at that happy baby:

Issa was incredibly patient, following June's lead. She shared everything--even Baboo! I started to reach for it when June grabbed it, and Issa stopped me, reminding me she was little and we should share. Sometimes I wonder where she learned such patience and grace. I am one blessed mama.

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