Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gremlins in my Kitchen

Gremlins have invaded my kitchen. You may remember Brad had mastered the art of the Sally Lunn bun. Well...something wicked happened last night:
At one point, it literally had a pulse. It was something out of a bad horror movie, and I really thought it was about to explode and start dripping from the ceiling. Miraculously, it baked up beautifully:

It may not be a bun, but it is beautiful, soft bread.

The other gremlin's name is Issa. We leave for school at 8:16, and in her head if lunch is not being packed by 8:00 the world might end. It was 8:01 when we walked into the kitchen--the gremlin and I. Since it really doesn't take us 16 minutes to pack a lunch, we have time for Issa to start helping more. For the first time this morning, she cut her own vegetables:

She decided on carrots, tomatoes, and cucumber today. I buy baby carrots and cherry tomatoes, but she does need to cut the baby cucumbers. She did the whole thing:

Not too bad for a first attempt. They should be perfect for dipping in hummus for lunch.

And as I reread this post, I recognize that I mentioned twice that we leave at 8:16. Yes...we are that specific. Issa is learning to tell time, so she is more precise than Big Ben (which is a bad analogy since Big Ben is actually the bell, but we'll go with the common phrasing). She can arrive at school at 8:20, and if we walk out our front door at 8:16 we pull into the parking lot at 8:20 and all is right with the world. I'm off to chase out the remnants of the gremlins...

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