Thursday, September 8, 2011

Three Rings is Not Enough

This morning started out so simply. The kids got ready in record time because I told them I had something super cool to show them outside once they were ready. Meet Squiggly Spider Friend Bower:
I spotted him on our front porch yesterday. How cool is he? He is a yellow and black garden spider, which is a type of orb spider. The females spin the circular web, and then the males add the stripe and guard the web. (I researched him yesterday; it's what I do.)

The kids and I had a blast watching him. It's amazing how still they can be--the kids and the spider! It was so quiet and peaceful. turned into a circus, and I don't really know how. The boys left, and almost immediately Scott's showed up to aerate and over-seed, which wouldn't be a problem except they parked me in. Just as they started to move their truck, a rather dishevelled looking man came walking along our fence. The Scott's guys were on it! They were between him and me before I could ask a question. As it turns out, he was my new neighbor from over the fence. It seems he had just woken up and his dog had gotten out. So...we spent several unsuccessful moments looking for Mimi. I got Issa to school on time, and I came in and felt like my head was spinning.

This circus-like feel could all be connected to the fact that I was up way past my bedtime last night. Pumpkin Express tickets went on sale at midnight, and I was up stalking the website to be sure we got tickets for the first trip to the pumpkin patch. Success! This is a ritual that until last night had been saved for Santa Train. Both events are at our museum, and it's part of the complicated, compulsive relationship I have with our museum. I must get tickets for these special events as soon as possible lest we miss the train. I have issues. We all knew that.

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