Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Coziness

I am in my very, very happy place. Fall is here--my favorite season--and last night I was able to just settle into its coziness.

Issa had a great day, including the bus. I have never been so grateful to see her smiling, laughing face come off the bus. We also are enjoying a blissfully normal week filled with nothing but the routine. All of that meant that when we got home from the dojo we were in--at 5:20. Ahhhh.

The kids headed up to take an early bath, and I puttered about getting everything put away from the day. The temperature had turned chilly, and it was drizzling. We all settled into flannel pajamas and the kids hauled out cozy blankets. I poured myself a nice glass of a full-bodied red and set to work kneading bread. I glanced out the window to see crimson leaves as I listened to Issa read to Evan. The book was wildly hilarious, and I couldn't hear the story for the laughter. We all settled down to spaghetti and fresh bread and listened to the rain.

After dinner, we pulled out a recipe for pumpkin muffins. Before long, the house smelled like fall. As the muffins baked, we piled under the blanket and ventured into Narnia, our latest world since Alice awoke for a second time.

Today, I'm working from home--in yoga pants and a sweater. It's still chilly and rainy, and my mug of coffee is steaming beside me.

Blissful. It's all so very simple, nothing extraordinary, but it makes me so very happy. I think I'll let myself just sink into this fall coziness...

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