Thursday, September 18, 2014

People Are Good

So...I might have hit the roof yesterday. A segment of the PTSA and I had a difference of opinion, the details of which are not important, but I sprang. One of my goals is to decide if I'm willing to commit to being a part of the solution before I raise an issue. Since this had to do with literacy and kids, I decided to jump the form of an email grenade to the PTSA leadership. I also offered to become a member of the team.

What happened after was beautiful. The initial responses were understandably shock and a bit defensive. From there, though, solutions started to emerge. Relationships were strengthened. Plans were made. Phone calls and emails and quick parking lot meeting this morning.

Most importantly, I was reminded, again, that people are good. Individuals make some terrible, horrible, no good decisions, but at their core people are good and well-intentioned. And so we move forward together...

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