Tuesday, September 23, 2014

We Laugh

Yesterday afternoon started off way on the rocky side. Issa got off the bus and promptly burst into tears because of a bullying situation. She told us the whole story, which we are so thankful for. Brad and I exchanged looks, and then he headed to talk to the parent while I put Issa back together. I didn't think I could love him more until I saw him walk across our lawn, calmly but with purpose, for our baby girl. He came back and did some awesome pep-talking/coaching, and the other family responded as we had hoped. We are hopeful. We have also made it very clear to all involved that the next step is going to the school.

The most important piece in all of this is Issa's response. First, I am so glad she came straight to us. She knew it was not okay and she knew she needed help. I'm also glad she bounced back. We circled the wagons and gave her some extra love. We all went to watch her solo lesson, which went really well, and I was grateful she had time in the studio--her happy place--after a rough afternoon. Then we all went out to dinner and laughed. Like...we were that family. I'm sure people thought we were insane. It was great.

I think that might be the secret for our little family. We laugh together--a lot. When things get hard, we find joy. We laugh. Here's praying we are still laughing when she gets off the bus tonight.

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