Monday, August 24, 2015

Happy First Day!

 Happy first day of school! I had two very excited children this morning:
 The backpacks have been packed and ready, and Buddy brought their favorite snack for good luck:
 They could hardly wait to go to school:
 Issa is ready to be a fourth grade lion:
 Evan can't wait to be a first grade penguin:
I can't wait for the stories tonight.

And for my teacher friends, please know that all the little things you do today and always matter. Last night, the kids were so excited to read the sealed book Evan's teacher had sent home for the night before the first day:

As they happily sprinkled glitter under pillows because the best little brother shared, I wiped away tears. Teachers, please know that we parents are sending our hearts into your rooms today--confident that you will love them almost as much as we do, praying for all of you and your year together. Thank you. Thank you for the million little ways you will show that love in between reading and math and science. Thank you for what I know will be another fabulous year.

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