Thursday, August 27, 2015

I Love Local

I love shopping local. Everyone knows my addiction to local food and produce--I'm probably The Produce Boxes biggest ambassador. And we really try to shop local as much as possible. This week, I've been reminded twice how very important that is.

Tuesday, I stopped into Purple Crow Books. They generously donated a gift certificate for the school's Read-a-Thon prize, and I was able to find a new children's book that I've been waiting for! The kids will be so excited when I give it to them Friday as a first week of school is complete treat. As she filled out the certificate, though, she lamented that it was hard to stay in business. She's a tiny shop, and it's hard to compete with an online click. I'll be going more often.

This morning, my tire light came on. I checked the pressure, and it looked good but one of the little caps was missing. I drove up to our mechanic, who was very irritated I had checked the tires when I was dressed for work. He topped off all the air, gave me a new cap, and sent me on my way. He wouldn't accept a dime, and I felt much more confident driving in.

It's the little things that make me love local, and I'm so grateful to live in a town where local is a great option!

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