Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hints of Fall

This morning, we left the back door open while we ate breakfast. We let the 68 degree breeze sweep through the kitchen and left the music off so we could hear the leaves rustle in the wind. The trees are just starting to see little peeks of yellow amid the green. Issa broke out a pair of leggings. I'm planning pork roast for Sunday dinner. The first inklings of fall are here.

While most people see January or spring as the time for new beginnings, for me it's always fall. Maybe it's because of my line of work, but fall marks clean slates. We snuggle back into routines. The early darkness calls for blankets for stories. The aromas of hot teas and roasting everything fills the house. Soon, we will find the one day it's just chilly enough for a fire. It won't really be chilly enough, but Brad will humor me because he knows me. And he knows that this fall is both fuel and solace for me. It's the cozy that calls for a more intentional life. My very favorite time of year.

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