Thursday, August 6, 2015

Watermelon Day!

Monday, the kids and I headed to the museum for Watermelon Day! Evan was not in the mood for pictures, but Issa was so excited that we were finally going to be there:
Every year we miss Watermelon Day for whatever reason. It's basically a day when all the critters get watermelon, and they love watermelon. The first feeding was at the pigs, and I was so proud of the way Issa and Evan helped littler kiddos make it to the front. Issa was also the photographer for the day:

When the pigs had demolished their melon, we made the obligatory stop at the fossil pit:
And then we were off to the bears! Again, Issa and Evan were so kind to little ones, and I actually ended up holding some itty bitties for some mamas that had more than one itty bitty trying to see. And the bears put on a good show:

We had some watermelon ourselves, built some towers, did some experiments, and came home very, very happy.

Today we go school shopping. We have all the supplies, but now we are off to find first day of school outfits and new shoes. Prayers appreciated.

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