Friday, August 7, 2015


The kids and I actually had a fabulous day shopping! We did, indeed, find new school shoes:
 Evan's are some sort of Star Wars battle ship, and the toes light up so it looks like it's exploding. Perfection to my boy. Issa...well...Issa graduated from StrideRite. She is now proudly sporting a size 4.5 on those feet. Even the clerk at Finish Line was astonished: "She just doesn't look like her feet are that big." Indeed. Thankfully, Issa sees big feet as a badge of honor. She is also in loved with these hot pink babies.

We also had a great time clothes shopping. Evan really didn't need anything, but we got one first day outfit for fun. Issa really did need some new warm weather school clothes since she grew roughly two feet this summer.

I have finally embraced the art of clothes shopping with these two: they are not my clothes. I don't have to wear them. If it makes them happy and meets dress code they can just rock on with their bad selves. That and let Evan play on my phone while Issa tries on the clothes.

The first day of school outfits are still classified, but Issa gave Daddy the fashion show when we got home.

My girl doesn't really do subtle animal prints:
 Please notice the matching print on the shoes.

A star perhaps?

This lovely ribbon skirt ensemble:
 Not quite enough animal print:
 And how about the same print in hot pink?
I can honestly say not a single one of these would have been my choice, but she loves each and every one. This trip, I didn't even pick up anything up. I just followed. I will say her first day outfit was my very favorite in the store and it took every ounce of me to play it cool when she picked it up. I want massive mom points for that--just saying,

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