Monday, August 31, 2015

We Survived Celebrations!

We had a great first week of school! Aside from some bus hiccups, it was flawless. This is especially miraculous considering I took Daddy to the airport right after drop off on Monday and didn't pick him up again until Sunday morning! This all required celebrating.

Right after school on Friday, some friends invited us down for a pool party. The kids had a blast with a little taste of summer and lots of splashing.

When we got home, Issa and I turned to pie baking. I had ordered 10 pounds of bruised peaches through The Produce Box. It helps farmers buy giving them the opportunity to sell their less than perfect fruit, and we love peach pie. However, 10 pounds is a lot: especially considering Grandma Bower's recipe calls for two and a half pounds per pie. It might have been helpful to look at the recipe card before I ordered. However, Issa and I were undaunted. She did all the crusts (measuring, mixing, rolling, and shaping), and I did all the fillings. We started about 7:10, and I pulled the last one out at 10:45! Here are two of the four beauties:
 Saturday, we started our morning at the farm. It was so good to be back after what felt like a month of thunderstorms. We showered before I dropped Evan at a friend's house and Issa and I headed to the Miss North Carolina wardrobe reveal. Miss North Carolina is one of my students, and she is one of the kindest, humble, most centered people I have ever known. She is also an incredibly talented tapper, so Issa was very excited to see that! She was also very excited to have her picture taken with Kate:
 Part of Kate's platform is pediatric eye health, which is a big love in our family. Her theme is "See the Dream," and we are all proudly sporting our bracelets:
We will also be watching her compete for Miss America in a couple of weeks!

Sunday, we enjoyed having Daddy home. We went out to lunch and did a little shopping. It was lovely!

And now we start a new week...and start making big plans for the long weekend!

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