Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas From My Sister

By now we have established I am not the family photographer. In fact, I flat out can't be trusted to take pictures of any actual important events--ever. Thankfully, I have a fabulous sister who steps into the gap. She sent me her Christmas photos this weekend, and some of them were just too fabulous to not warrant another Christmas post. In fact, this may be our best Christmas photo year ever.

Ugly sweater jammies were super fun:

And I think I actually snapped this one:
Shannon reminded me to take pictures of the tree trimming, and by some fluke I managed to catch this spontaneous hug. These two. My sister and my daughter. I'm crying and I have no words.

How fun and festive is this shot:
And I think it also captures Evan's ornery perfectly.

I believe this is when they pulled off a Christmas coup and managed to convince Aunt Shannon to let them open one present before dinner:

My heart. When did this girl grow up?

And thank goodness for Aunt Shannon because you know how many pictures I took Christmas morning? Zero. Even with bronchitis she is more together than I am. My two little elves:
I mean can they get any cuter?
I feel like this one is growing up right before my eyes:
Santa came through:
I love that she captured the pure delight of a Nerf bow and arrow:
Grace is a lovely addition to our home:
Such adorable siblings:
And I love this family photo:
You can't even tell I had to threaten Evan to get him in it.

And our annual trio:
Thank you, Aunt Shannon, for being the best sister and aunt a girl could wish for, and thank you for capturing these moments for me. I love you more than words can say,

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