Thursday, January 28, 2016

My Big Hearted Boy

My sweet boy was terrific kid this morning:
This month's trait was kindness and caring, and it is the trait that I pray the kiddos always exemplify.

A few weeks ago, Evan came home from school very concerned. A friend didn't have a winter coat. He asked if he could secretly give the friend his old one that was in the closet. Of course! He also dug out a pair of gloves to stick in the pocket.

What made me most proud, though, was that he wanted it to be secret. He asked me to slip it to his teacher, and when some friends recognized the coat later, he said his old one had more green. (Then he asked me later if it was okay he lied.) I couldn't have been more proud. When that story was told this morning, Evan was more than a little irritated--so much for secret. But, he's still glad he did it, and I'm still glad I have such an observant and kind boy.

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