Thursday, January 7, 2016

This is Love

Yesterday I worked some dance mom magic.I finally finished Issa's solo costume! 

I have had the costume for a while, but my quest for the perfect headpiece was alluding me. The problem was I found one that cost roughly as much as a house--damn real diamonds and pearls--but everything else looked sub par after I had seen it. Fortunately, I finally ordered one on Etsy I loved and could afford...and then I discovered it was coming from Lithuania. It takes a long time to get here standard post from Lithuania--like months. arrived yesterday (or rather I claimed it from the bowels of the post office yesterday), and it is perfect:
 With it in hand, I was ready to start stoning the costume. And then I realized I had chosen the tiniest stones on earth (please notice the straight pin for reference):
 But...over 400 teeny tiny stones later Issa and I are thrilled:
 The back is my favorite:
The pictures really don't do it justice, but it just might be my favorite costume yet.

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