Tuesday, January 19, 2016


This long weekend was just what my heart needed. Between being sick and the semester starting I feel like I've been run over by a train, dragged through a tunnel, and basically didn't know what the hell was going on for more than five minutes at a time. Enter a weekend with a lot of nothing.

Friday night, we went to Issa's lasagna dinner fundraiser at school. Brad proclaimed the lasagna to be far better than he had any right to expect, and it was lovely to just sit and eat. There were no activities--we just sat and ate. And then we came home and sat and watched movies. It was lovely.

Miraculously, we also had a Saturday with no plans. Nada. So we made brunch reservations at a little place we've been dying to try. The weather was gorgeous, and we settled in for brunch to find this:
Grandma's favorite flowers. We all ordered something we declared to be the best ever, and we just genuinely enjoyed a leisurely brunch together. I would be lying if I said I didn't tear up on several occasions. We spent the rest of the day ducking in and out of little shops. The kids went on playdates when we got home, but we were all home for another easy dinner around our table.

Sunday, we woke up to snow! It didn't stick, but the kids were able to bundle and go play. I sipped coffee watching big fluffy flakes fall. It was lovely. Ryan and Felicia came over for lunch and to watch the football playoff games. Issa left for a slumber party, and Evan had a friend come over to spend the night.

Here is the difference between a girl sleepover and a boy sleepover: everything. I was ready for the projects and the requests for help or to hang out. I got nothing. They played guys, built blocks, and did something in the backyard that still eludes me. I fed them when they got hungry, but aside from that they really were content to just hang out. They had a blast, and my house was wonderously back to rights within 20 minutes of the party's end. I'm still mystified.

Yesterday, we spent the day just hanging out together. I missed my girl while she was gone, and to say the kids missed each other would be an understatement.

Then this morning I found this on my phone:
I have no idea what is going on here, but I do love that smile. Here's to a new week with a full heart.

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