Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Summer in the Snow

I just dropped the kids off at school. We made it in with only a two hour delay today! That gave me just enough time to sit on my computer and wait for the clock to strike 9 so I could register the kids for camp.

This summer is going to be interesting. When I started talking about camp, the kids had very strong opinions. (I know--shocking.) But...they took us totally by surprise. They only wanted to do one week of camp. Total. Period. They felt like the summer just went by too fast last year. They are looking forward to more down time.

Issa also slightly broke my heart when she announced she was too old for camp at the museum. We saw it coming. She only wants to do one week of cooking camp at Chestnut Ridge. So we signed her up.

Evan only wants to do camp at the museum. He said Chestnut Ridge was just too exhausting--probably because he doesn't know how to pace himself. He loves the structure and activity and the short day at the museum, so we signed him up for Lego Animal camp. He will be happily building alligator jaws and a lion that roars and all manner of fun things.

I was able to align those two camps into the same week about halfway through the summer. I will spend way too much time driving that week, but that's okay. I'm glad they will have the experiences, and I'm also glad they are learning to enjoy the art of just being.

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