Monday, January 25, 2016

Snowed In

I spent most of last week preparing for a major snow event--including convincing Brad to change his flight and come home a day early. I was certain with all of that preparation we would see nothing, but we ended up getting about four inches of layered snow and ice! 

Friday, we made snow cream and enjoyed watching it from inside. The kids went out briefly, but sleet is really not fun to play in.

Saturday, however, we went sledding among soft fluffy flakes. It's a great deal when your big sister pulls you to the hill:

 And for the first time Daddy was in town to go sledding:
 Issa had fun for about twenty minutes before she was just too cold:
 Evan could have stayed out all day:
We went sledding again yesterday, and we introduced the kids to The Princess Bride--they are in love!

School is cancelled, but we attempted to venture out. It was not a success. Even in low gear my poor van couldn't make it up the icy hill. So...we will enjoy another day here at home. In fact, I have a feeling we will have a couple more.

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