Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy New Year!

We decided to enter the new year with a new house. While we certainly didn't move, we absolutely did completely reboot our space. We've been talking about it for a while, and when we came home we decided to make it happen. Instead of doing our annual fit the new things into existing spaces, we reorganized spaces to create zones in our home. All of this is made easier by the fact that the kids are old enough to need less of a playroom!

We converted downstairs into a craft and quiet space:
 All of our art supplies have been merged, making Issa one happy girl:
 The storage cubes and the bench were the only two purchases we made. Our armoire now holds board games and craft papers because the tv and game system moved upstairs:
 We also moved the desk back up there with the family computer and printer. The toddler art table went to a new family, and Issa banished all things Barbie. This space is our maker space, holding all electronics and building things. Evan is quite tickled to have all of his blocks in one place and tables to build on right there! Neela likes having the chaise upstairs for better bird watching.

The kids' rooms got a little love, too. Evan's was completely unloaded and he and Daddy reorganized it in a way that apparently only makes sense to the male of the species:
 I don't get it, but Evan is happier and things are definitely staying neater. A big part of that is this arsenal in the closet:
 No more darts on the floor!

Since Issa received a cd player for Christmas, she wanted a nightstand and to create a bigger girl space:
 She is so tickled to have Gram's cart in her room! Brad is also thrilled he has more space in his office since it is down two pieces of furniture!

Issa also tweaked her desk, and she is making a whole Taylor Swift quote board on her chalkboard:
It was four solid days of work. We filled the van with donations and filled both the recycling bin and trash can a couple of times over.

My favorite moment was Brad and I sorting books while the kids were sleeping. First, we have a lot. Second, we are very attached to many of these books making the sorting a trip down memory lane and a bit emotional. Third, it has only taken us 13 years but we finally decided to completely merge our collections into one bookcase. I believe we were a glass of Scotch and over an hour in when I realized we have quite a bizarre and slightly pretentious collection, as evidenced by the fact that I had to sub-categorize the Victorian section before it could go on the shelf. Bless.

An added bonus, we have two empty cabinets in the kitchen where cookbooks and art supplies used to be. No worries, though, we have big plans for that space. For now, we will just enjoy our cozier, more functional home until another block of time presents itself for a major overhaul.

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