Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Yesterday was a bit brutal. We attempted to get out mid-morning only to get stuck getting up the hill. I managed to get us turned around and home, but it kind if summed up the day.

It started with the realization that the ice cracked my windshield, which led to multiple phone calls with the repairman and the insurance company--always thrilling. The kids' schudules were in flux until mid-afternoon, and I had work that really needed to get finished. It was a bit of a perfect storm.

By the time all the running around was finished that night, I was feeling pretty lousy. I was convinced it was lame snow day for the kids. After dinner, I was sewing dance headband and the kids were playing blocks, and Evan announced it had been the best snow day ever.


It seems they had a great day. They got to do what they wanted and watch movies. They got to stay up late because school is still cancelled, and they got to see friends at the studio and dojo. Who knew?

I guess it really is a matter of perspective.

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