Thursday, February 11, 2016

I'm a Better Mom at 5:30am

My alarm goes off at 5:30 every morning, and I'm pretty masterful at hitting that snooze. It's so early, and my bed is so warm.

However, this week I have committed to actually getting up, and I am such a better mom because of it. When I get up that early, I'm ready, including having my devotional time and first pass through my inbox, before the kids get up. I can be fully present for their first few waking minutes. I'm not feeling rushed to do my things, therefore, I don't rush them like a crazy person.

I can get breakfast on the table, lunches packed, and snacks in backpacks before the kids come downstairs. I can give Neela some attention, put away clean dishes, and do some laundry. I can sit down and drink my coffee while they eat instead of throwing it a travel mug. No rush.

This week, because we've had calm mornings that don't start behind the eight ball, I've been better able to juggle evenings. Coming home to a clean kitchen and an occasional dinner in the crockpot means I don't start the night rushed. It just sets the tone for our family.

It's hard to hear that alarm that early, but it's so worth it. I just want to capture this feeling so that I can remind myself on the crazy weeks when I'm exhausted that it really is worth it. If my prayer is to Unrush Me, which it is, then I have to make the time to be unrushed. And that's what I plan to do.

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