Thursday, February 4, 2016


So...Brad and I are nothing if not goal driven. You throw down a gauntlet, we will pick it up.

Brad had a terrible mattress on his last work trip, and his back was killing him in the hotel. He decided to try a little yoga, and it really did help. As it turns out, it was a 30 day yoga challenge. He came home, told me about it, and he graciously agreed to start over at day 1 with me. Gauntlet accepted.

Now, right after we tuck the kids in, he and I do our yoga practice together. It's lovely for a lot of reasons. We are on day 6, and I can certainly feel a difference. Some of it is stress and tension relief, and some of it is muscles reminding me they are there. I also love the commitment to the mat every evening. It's a nice end to the day. And doing it with him, well, I'll take any extra time I can get with my favorite man.

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